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Barbie Mattress

The Normal And Model Mattress
Height : 23 cm All sizes and dimensions are available
Properties : Medium hardness due to innerspring mattress compression
Usage : Suitable for ordinary people and children
1- Innerspring coils(springs) 132 coil /m2 Anti – rust coils and the deflection percentage allowed due to long-term usage is 1 cm.
2- Insulated hardened foam consists of textile fibers compressed by organic resins
3- A high- pressure structural sponge layer with a 2.5 cm thickness for each face
4- A 2 cm thermal fiber layer for each face
5- A layer of insulated Vaseline
6- Synthetic fabrics Polyester 100 %
7- Air vents for mattress

Ecotec mattresses, beds & furnitures was founded in 2003 at Alobour  Industrial Zone . Our Head Office is located in 10 Dar Elsenaa St., El roudah El manial.

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